I don’t really follow memes but I hope there’s a lot of “Darkseid is (silly comment)” memes out there.

Now I’ve reviewed the stories, the Clutter Report this week is a review of the Dark Horse collection of the He-Man Newspaper Comics. There’s more Eternia to come but that series is all reviewed now.

As for this week, we start the second DC run of Star Trek. See, my collection is put into a chronological order combining all the runs, which will run into a few confusions as Marvel, DC, and IDW had different takes on a few ideas. The Mirror Universe is probably the biggest given what happened in DC’s first run versus Marvel’s “Paramount Comics” second run. If you want to see a review in proper printing order check out Siskoid’s Blog Of Geekery. I can’t link to the right category so you’ll have to search for yourself but it’s worth it. Otherwise the reviews will make sense here even if the number order doesn’t.

We also have the penultimate Chapter By Chapter review of Tom Clancy’s Op-Center but that will be on Tuesday since I’ll be doing my annual Memorial Day posting on Monday. I would have done a drawing but I made the mistake of going back on that medicine at the doctor’s request and it started making me sick again, which explains some of the posting delays this weekend. I will not be taking it and will have to simply work around my bathroom issues because it beats being semi-conscious and nauseous. I will however find a good tribute video. I hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend and for those of you in a country with one please take some time to remember those who died so you could live free. Otherwise have a good week everyone!

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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