If I saw what Warner Brothers was doing to my friends and colleagues I’d be worried about a movie based on me, too.

Batman Beyond #13

DC Comics (November, 2000)

“Commissioner Of Fear”

WRITER: Hilary J. Bader


INKER: Ande Parks

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Joseph Illidge

In the New Batman(/Superman) Adventures episode “Over The Edge” Batgirl takes a huge dose of Scarecrow’s fear toxin, giving her a hallucination of her death and her father’s overreaction response, leading him to pretty much shut down the Bat Family and trying to bring down Batman. Every four or five years stress can bring back the hallucinations and make her afraid of heights or just dying. This time however, Commissioner Barbara Gordon is taking part in a major case involving a kidnapped girl, and reluctantly must turn to the new Batman for help. With his help she is finally able to learn where the girl is so she can receive the treatment that puts her out for a few days but stops the hallucinations. She admits that Terry isn’t Bruce and never will be, but Terry is Batman.

What they got right: Whatever negatives I’m about to say please know that I very much enjoy this issue and it may be one of my favorite DCAU Terry stories, even though it’s more of a Barbara story. I like seeing her work together with Terry’s Batman and seeing her fight the induced fears to save the girl. It’s really a great story.

What they got wrong: The negatives take longer to explain, which is the only reason this section is longer than the “got right” section. I’ve never heard of Scarecrow’s toxin causing relapses every few years before in any continuity, including this one. I don’t know why this is called the “Monarch Butterfly case” (which is almost always followed by “the kidnapped girl” or some variant). I also thought by now in the show Barbara had accepted her own Batman, although confirming that she sees Terry as Batman (if not his own Batman, something Bruce himself would confirm in Return Of The Joker) was nice to see.

Recommendation: As I said, this is one of my favorite Batman Beyond tales. Well worth picking up and reading.

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