It turned out Minmei was a Zentraedi sleeper agent.

Robotech: The Macross Saga #8

Comico The Comic Company (December, 1985)

“Sweet Sixteen”


PENCILER: Reggie Byers

INKER: Sam Keith

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

For his actions on Mars, Rick Hunter is among those receiving the medal of valor. For rescuing Lisa he is also promoted to lieutenant and given two subordinates, the quite Max Sterling and the boisterous Ben Dixon. (Needless to say Lisa isn’t happy about any of this.) Unfortunately, the many attacks by Khyron’s forces to keep the SDF-1 away from Earth means Rick hasn’t had a chance to buy Minmei a present for her sixteenth birthday, and at the part she seem to take a liking to Max. Fortunately for Rick (relatively speaking of course) Khyron engages in another attack on the Space Battlefortress, although it’s against Breetai’s orders. Max shows himself to be an ace combatant while Ben keeps getting his butt handed to him. Rick confronts Khyron battloid to battlepod but Breetai forces Khyron’s group into retreating. With all the shops now closed, the only think Rick can give Minmei is his medal.

What they got right: While there are dialog changes the intent is mostly still there. Max and Ben are worthy additions to the cast as Rick grows further as a soldier.

What they got wrong: Nitpicks too minor to bother with, at least here. Adding in original stories into continuity as I have we’ve not only seen Rick and Max team up before but we’ve seen Max kick some serious butt alongside Roy, so his early humbleness not only contrasts with his joke later but contradicts what we’ve seen. So that’s a mistake on their part, not this story.

Other notes: This is the first Macross Saga Robotech comic I bought. I don’t think it was the first since it might have been a back issue. My first Robotech comic won’t show up until I get to the New Generation period. It’s also getting harder to find the original Robotech edits before Harmony Gold’s recent re-edited versions so I’m not sure how accurate my comparisons will be when I can’t find the rest of the series in the edit these comics were based on.

Recommendation: A good issue and an important one for the series. Worth looking into if you can’t find the show in the proper Robotech edit.

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  1. Sean says:

    All Comico Robotech comic books are worth reading!


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