If you’ve been here long enough you know that for the most part I really don’t care who would win in a fight between two heroes. I’d rather see heroes team-up against a villain, or have a hero fight a villain from another reality that is similar to them in power in ability. Ask me who would win between Superman and the Samaritan and I wouldn’t care, but ask me who would win between Superman and the Plutonian or Gladiator (who is only a “hero” depending on who is running the Shi’ar empire this month) and I’m a bit more interested. Tonight I chose an episode of Death Battle not for the fight itself but for the information it contains.

There have been numerous incarnations of Mega Man, from the former helper robot Rock to his brother X to humans who turn into Mega Man, across numerous games, cartoons, and comics. The current Mega Man (who was not around at the time this video was created) from Mega Man: Fully Charged, is back to being your typical power-copying hero and I’m not sure his presence would have changed the outcome of the fight. However, Wiz and Boomstick go over the various incarnations, choosing from the six most popular–the original and X, Volnut from Legends, .EXE from Mega Man Battle Network/NT Warrior (the latter is the anime/manga name, the former the Game Boy Games), and Star Force Mega Man. Who would win in a fight? I don’t care. I’m here for the character history and technical data.

Catch more Death Battle, the former Screw Attack show now run by Rooster Teeth, on their YouTube channel.


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