Novelizations have been replaced by actually having the movie on home video or on-demand but the novelization offers a unique take on the movie based on the latest available draft plus some “ideas” by the author. While people talk about book-to-movie adaptations nobody really discusses movie-to-book adaptations and scoff at movie-to-comic adaptations. Fansided’s Red Shirts All Die contributor Elliot Thorpe defends the novelization while reviewing the novelization for Star Trek V: The Undiscovered Country that may have fixed a few of the flaws of the movie were it canon.

Yes, I know none of the images I used with this post are that book or even Star Trek. They are however the two movie novelizations I’ve reviewed thus far, Total Recall and Fantastic Voyage (for the featured image in promotion posts on social network and email subscriptions). More will be coming in future installments of Chapter By Chapter I assure you.

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