I didn’t get to go to ConnectiCon again this year and this makes me sad. However, the event has their own YouTube channel and did stream a few panels from the event. One of them is “Discovering The Order”, a panel updating attenders on the in-production movie.

For those of you new around here The Order is a low-budget movie created by former Power Rangers actors Karan Ashley and David Fielding. I’ve been following the movie and its progression, including a few bumps they hit along the way. The story follows a secret group known as The Order (not connected to the recent Netflix series) that splinters when a mission goes horribly wrong. Most of the performers are themselves former Power Rangers actors but unlike yesterday’s look at Legend Of The White Dragon this is not a Power Rangers type story and does not contain monsters or super powers. They’re just highly trained assassins and espionage experts played by people who know martial arts. At ConnectiCon they held a panel featuring Ashley, Felding, and performers Austin St. John and Walter Jones, to discuss the movie and its current status.

I apologize for any sound issues. ConnectiCon just set up a camera in the middle of the room by the back wall and streamed it. If I had been there you’d have a more polished BW Panelling episode. This did not happen but hopefully you’ll learn more about the film.

Here’s a trailer for the movie.

And here is one for the prequel comic Icarus Rising.

To learn more check out their YouTube channel or their Indiegogo campaign page.

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