“WHAT happens to me in the movie? Thanks for the spoilers, jerk!”

Iron Man vol. 3 #40

Marvel Comics (May, 2001)

“Remote Control” part 4

WRITER: Frank Tieri

PENCILERS: Martinez, Wieringo, Pollina, Romita, Layton, Shanower, & Grant

INKER: Candelario, Layton, Morales, Hunter, & Shanower


LETTERING: Comicraft


EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

All this time (in the present, not the flashbacks that have made up the bulk of the arc) Tony has been plugged into Dream Vision, which Ty uses to learn Tony is Iron Man. He also puts Tony through a movie reference gauntlet, and then through his own past, trying to break Tony while in the real world Ty is controlling the Dream Vision through his own mind. Tony manages to summon his armor and later realizes how much influence he can have over the virtual world since his will is stronger. Although he defeats Ty in that world the never-friend manages to continue to damage Tony’s reputation when Tony tries to expose him. Rumiko goes off with Tiberius. Tony Stark won the fight but did Tiberius win the war?

What they got right: In some ways the ending is satisfactory enough. Tony wins but he still has a new enemy who knows his secret and plans to toy with him. At this point I still didn’t like Rumkio, and this story didn’t help, so I didn’t mind seeing her go until a future writer fixed her annoying parts. It’s Tony Stark who wins the fight, not his Iron Man persona, which is a nice change now and then. The various artists with their own styles serve the Dream Vision idea as each “channel” represents a different reality.

What they got wrong: The story just doesn’t work for me. Ty is not an especially interesting threat the way Justin Hammer was, and it feels like they’re trying to replace Hammer with someone closer to him. Since he later becomes a Spider-Man foe according to the Marvel fan wiki he really didn’t make an impact as an Iron Man/Tony Stark enemy. It’s also disappointing that the television (which turns out to be another “conquer the world” plot in the end) death trap doesn’t use TV references instead of old movie references.

Recommendation: I really can’t recommend this story. Tiberius Stone isn’t that interesting and only the affect the story has on the Tony/Rumiko romance, which despite my thoughts at the time is still just tossed aside right after they admitted their love for each other, is the only thing of importance to the story. It’s really not a storyline to track down.

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