Gotham was supposed to be about the Gotham City PD dealing with Batman’s enemies, which would have been fine but it was also about Bruce becoming Batman. Had it been more like the miniseries DC made focusing on the GCPD in modern times, just dealing with cases where Batman wasn’t around it might have worked. Instead most of Batman’s enemies are already a threat long before there is a Batman. There are villains who could have worked but not ALL of them.

The show has been called Smallville for Batman even by me, but apparently we almost got exactly that, and it might have been much better. Might, I would like to stress. Since the comic I was hoping to review this week is taking longer to finish than anticipated and I used up all of my Bat-themed articles long before last month’s anniversary, here’s a video by Owen of Owen Likes Comics to go into the history of Bruce Wayne, a pre-Batman show we almost got.

They included a link to the pilot script online, and I might review it someday. I’ve never reviewed an unaired pilot before. I also want to find this other intended crossover between Batman and Superman. Would it have been better, as bad, or worse than Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Injustice To The Characters Because Zack Snyder Has A Warped View Of Superheroes?

Look, can we get over this nonsense that Batman has to be this dark, brooding, angry person? Bruce became Batman to protect other, using the disguise for a psychological advantage. He doesn’t have to lack humor. Batman: The Animated Series got this right. As far as the “Batman is the real man, Bruce is the mask” thing, there’s starting to be pushback to that theory, that both represent who Bruce “Batman” Wayne is, and I’m starting to join that train of thought.

Catch more Owen Likes Comics on his YouTube channel.

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