I just realized I spelled Commercials wrong in the banner for this article series. Why didn’t anybody say anything?

When television was first invented you needed an antenna either on the house or on the TV itself in order to get a decent signal. Then cable and satellite came along and for a fee you could not only get local channels but channels around the country. Then the internet happened and streaming services came along to steal much of their thunder. However, while most services paid and free alike tend to follow the “on demand” mold a few exist that actually run like a cable system, with constantly running channels in real time. They can be accessed through the internet, with a few available for free, or via a streaming box with a monthly subscription or an app through a smart TV. They have fewer channels but still serves as yet another alternative.

One of these services is Sling, a service that boasts 300 channels and somehow got Danny Trejo to do a bunch of skits for them. My favorite is when he’s working in a coffee shop and a girl who just got her heart broken suddenly starts coming on to him with an emotional whiplash Masters Of The Universe figures couldn’t keep up with. Unfortunately they went as far as they could with that gag and went with something new. I say unfortunately not because I thought they could do more because ending things before they get stale is a longstanding request for this article series. It’s the campaign that came after it, a play on their name by having owners refer to themselves as “slingers”. Yes, it sounds like “swingers” and that’s the joke. A joke that somehow got worse and worse as they stuck with the joke and tried to just refresh their approach. And I just want it to stop!

The first campaign using this gag was quite simple. One unsuspecting couple is asked to “sling” with another couple. Hilarity did not ensue.

The gag continued with new characters but the same joke, one or both members of the confused couple disappointed or relieved and neither of them catching the one letter change. It was dumb but it went away. The pun however refused to die. Instead it doubled down by dragging in famed sex guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who even today acts like she gets a lot of action. And that scares me.

A few of these were made and it went away. However, somebody who works on the ads really, REALLY likes this pun because they decided to go all-in and just give us a couple so into it that it made everyone around them uncomfortable. Including the audience.

This one refuses to die. Instead this couple just keeps popping up, getting more and more ridiculous and more and more annoying with every advertisement!

Ignoring the fact that you usually rent those boxes, how do you have any left to saw considering how often you two clowns claim to do it? These two are just weird. The pun wasn’t that funny to begin with but now you have this nonsense on top of it. Going to their YouTube channel I’m hoping that there is a chance they’re moving away from this though…with the power of puppetry!

That’s my favorite thus far. There are also a few that look like they were recorded on a cell phone with just a table to hide the puppeteer and I don’t know if “Slingy” is supposed to be a boy or a girl but those 8 second ads stop using the pun altogether. I’m hopeful Slingy means the end of the Slingers because this pun is out of steam. Please, Sling, let this campaign die.

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