On the rare occasions something comes up from this series I’m worried I’m giving them free promotion while trashing an ad campaign that fails. This time I’m just kind of annoyed personally and want to see if anyone else shares my pain. I mean, I know I’m not the only one who hates those Dr. Squatch ads on principle alone, and don’t even want to follow the guy doing the ads to other products. You don’t get to decide what makes me a “man”, dude.

Instead we’re looking at a series of ads from the latest entry in the banking app craze, Zelle. What is Zelle? Honestly that’s all I know about them. They help with banking and it shows up in other banking apps, but I do very little banking over the computer or through apps. I’m old…which fails as an argument because my dad has no problem with it and he can’t even work his tablet. I will give the ad creators credit for having what I assume is a white man marrying a black woman and accepting her kids. At the very least he’s living there and nobody seems to care. The kids don’t look interracial so I’m assuming they’re from a previous relationship. It’s a rare thing to see, but good on them. It’s still more acknowledgement of interracial relationships not being a weird thing than anything else on TV. It’s too bad these two adults are way too obsessed with their product.

Yep, they named their dog after a banking app. I shudder to think what their first shared child is going to be named. What really gets me and I don’t fully understand why is what the dad says at the start of the video. Call me crazy because I didn’t get out much when we weren’t all afraid for our lives but he should have stopped at “You have a new friend there”. Again, I don’t know why this bothers me outside of not sounding like something a person would say but “He’s lovin’ ya”, just makes me wish I had hit the mute button faster. It just sounds so unnatural to my ears…though frankly it’s not the only thing unnatural about these two.

The longer version has stepdad joining in on trying to convince the girl that it’s not called a “cell”, and mom gives a longer speech about how awesome Zelle is despite not even remotely connecting to what the daughter wanted to talk about. No wonder teens don’t want to talk to their parents; they’re idiots.

This is one of two game night nonsense events (not counting longer and shorter versions). The other has they playing a win, lose, or draw type game following on the same obsession. The problem is these bits are never funny, at least to me. I mean…there are exceptions, but they come from insurance of all places.

The “Limu Emu And Doug” skits are kind of charming because that’s not the only absurdity involved with the commercials. You have a guy who works with an emu. There’s one gag where they get a key to the city, and yet in another they can’t get their own helicopter. The fact that he can’t come up with another discussion topic while the Emu has this hatred of other birds (I half expected him to choose the chicken). Zelle’s ads are just the two adults being weirdly obsessed with their banking app while everybody else wonders what’s wrong with them just isn’t funny to me.

If you’re in the United States I probably don’t have to show you an example of the Progressive ads with Flo and Jamie. They’re obsession also works because it’s over the top and just plain ridiculous. That’s what makes them funny. Even when Sling was doing their ads connecting their name with “swinging” with the “slinging” campaign, beaten to death as the gag was, still felt more natural than anything in the Zelle ads. This is one of those campaigns that, even if I used my phone to bank, I would be LESS inclined to use just because the ads annoy me so much. I’m not coming down on the program itself because I don’t know how well it works or anything about how it’s used. It may be a great thing to use or terrible. I’ll never know because I don’t bank that way regardless of the service. I just want the ad firm to rethink your marketing because this one is just lame. Silly ads are supposed to make you think about a product, not wanting to never hear of it again.

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