I said I was going to do a bonus one this week. Next Saturday will the last of the 2019 Free Comic Book Day offerings.

I’m not sure if that needs a motorcycle license or a pilot’s license.

The Tick Free Comic Book Day 2019

New England Comics Press (June, 2019)

ARTIST: Ian Nichols





“The Meatloaf Menagerie”

WRITER: Ian Nichols

COLORIST: Nate Lovett

“In Borneo REBORN!”

WRITER: Jeff McClelland

In the main story The Tick and Arthur come across the Tick’s biggest fan just after the events of last year’s Free Comic Book Day special, which I don’t think I was able to get. However, the man and his girlfriend are the ultimate Tick and Arthur memorabilia collectors and want to add the Tick & Arthur themselves to their collection. (The Powerpuff Girls could have warned them about people like this.) This was as usual for this franchise a fun story and continues to add to the legion of superheroes that seem to exist in The City. (Marvel New York has nothing on The City.)

After some fun shorts by Tony Sedani and the team of Jeff McClleand, Jeff McComsey, & Arianna Pluchinsky we get a story where the Tick is fighting dinosaurs in an amusement park until he hits an airplane and fall off of a pterodactyl (or it could be a pteranodon…I’m one of those people who can’t tell the difference…and no that does NOT make me a dino-racist!) and gets amnesia. Running with a pack of coyotes the confused (well, moreso than usual) hero runs into a deforestation group and their axe-headed enforcer (considering one of the Tick’s foes has a chair for a head you shouldn’t be surprised by this) and the aforementioned dinosaurs that he uses to shut the operation down just as he regains his memory. Do you have to tell you this is good?

And yes, I did hear Tick and Arthur’s voices from the cartoon in my head. Seriously, just read Tick comics whenever you can.

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