Okay, somebody explain this to me. Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane is somehow a terrible thing to do to Peter, but marrying Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, is a okay? I’m not kidding, Marvel is doing a comic that’s not a What If story in which Spider-Man marries Black Cat. He broke up with her because she couldn’t accept the Peter side of her, while MJ, who accepts both his Peter and Spidey lives, gets the boot? Is Spidey more relatable when he’s marrying an occasional supervillain? Isn’t she a villain right now in the comics?

Now maybe something will screw it up, like when that other animal-themed hero was set to wed a cat-themed occasional hero over at DC, or the Kitty Pride/Colossus wedding that was replaced last-minute with a Gambit/Rogue wedding over in the X-titles but I have a feeling Joe Quesada, Marvel publisher and the guy behind One More Day, is sitting at his office laughing at those of us who want the devil deal tossed out and the true Parker spouses back together. It’s like the people running DC and Marvel are trying to kill superhero comics sometimes. I don’t think they are, but sometimes it feels like it. You’d think they want to do something that the fans can be happy about. Apparently not and this is one of the reasons sales of comics are going down despite the movie popularity and more people on the planet.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. […] planning to undo One More Day. Never mind that Mary Jane is going to Hollywood, or the tease of a Spider-Man/Black Cat marriage (because Felicia doesn’t care about Peter, just Spidey–MJ used to care about both, […]


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