So, um, funny story. Remember last week when I said I had gotten all the Atomic Robo stories in my comiXology library? Turns out I was wrong. In addition to the first issue of a book I have a trade of (I’m trying to remember if I reviewed that or not…if not I have a Scanning My Collection article next week) there’s a specially formatted version of an Emerald City Comic Con exclusive left for me to go over. This was not posted in any form on the Atomic Robo website as near as I can find so you’ll have to get this through comiXology.

“Wait, that means there’s one more fist coming.”

Atomic Robo presents Two-Fisted Tales: Along Came A Tyrantula

Red 5/comiXology (digital version: March, 2013)


SCRIPT: Brian Clevinger

COLORIST: Anthony Clark

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

While working with another company on a joint venture to turn a Domino Sugar factory into a renewable energy factory, Robo is attacked by a former employee who is totally going to prove that she isn’t crazy, is worth of Robo’s love, and that her prosthetic spider-like exoskeleton is dangerous by trying to kill him with it. I don’t think Robo’s buying it, but he’s busy trying to remember what her name is. And not die. That’s rather important. He does manage to survive and she’s arrested, but she’s not giving up trying to prove how sane she is. Zac Snyder has a better chance proving his Batman is the best version but that’s another topic.

What they got right: I have not read the original print version but this digital version is formatted to use with comiXology’s “guided view” mode and exploits the advantages of the digital format to make the panels move across the screen. I don’t know if it enhances the reading experience overall but it does offer possibilities of doing a digital comic like this and takes advantage of the format being used. The art is good and the story is fun.

What they got wrong: We never do learn what her name is. I also hope she makes a return in a future story but not enough that she’s overused. She might be fun to try again with.

Recommendation: I’m not sure how much this costs because I already own it but if you have a comiXology or Amazon account I do recommend adding this comic to your virtual library.


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