“Darn it, Sam, this wasn’t funny the last two times!”

Iron Man volume 3 #46

Marvel Comics (November, 2001)

The 100 Page Monster bit is just the continuing story and three reprints. Although it means leaving on a cliffhanger for the next three weeks I’m going to review those issues separately in the Marvel slot.

“The Frankenstein Syndrome” part 1

WRITER: Frank Tieri

PENCILER: Keron Grant

INKER: Rob Stull

I’m guessing on these next ones because of the stupid gimmick credits. I don’t like gimmick credits. Also, when did Marvel start adding the publisher to the credits? Was that Jemas insisting?

COLORIST: Edgar Tadeo

LETTERER: Andy Gentile


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Tony’s worries about his evolving artificial heart takes a backseat when the Sons Of Yinsen go public. While Tony has his concerns he’s diverted from even that when Askew is under attack and all of the produced SKIN not part of Iron Man’s new armor stolen. When Iron Man arrives, he meets one attacker wearing a copy of the sentient armor, the site of which sends Jocasta into a panic and she hides herself from it. (Oh no, I remember where this is going.) The attacker turns out to be a mentally scarred Sun Tao, and when Iron Man brings him back to his current home to examine him the Sons arrive, with the sentient armor now replacing the red with grey and sporting the mind of Yinsen. He starts demanding Sun Tao, but Iron Man isn’t convinced this is his former friend, but whoever he is he’s willing to take Sun Tao by force! (And there’s the cliffhanger. Sorry current readers.)

What they got right: The fight with Iron Man and Sun Tao could have been cool with better artists. (Yeah, the art’s still bad.) The sentient armor is apparently functioning alongside Yinsen’s brain and they remembered to alter the word balloon (although not completely) for the speaker Tony used in that armor. I miss that; it gave the voice a little extra. It’s not that the story lacks potential.

What they got wrong: It’s that I know where it’s going, especially with Jocasta and the SKIN. I’ll get to that in due course and I’m not happy with what’s coming.

Recommendation: I know what’s coming so unless you’re missing #78 and #141-142 of the original volume (and frankly you’d be better off just tracking those three issues down) I can’t in good faith recommend this. You’ll see what I mean but I’m going to review these issues next.

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