By the time I shut down for the night I realized I hadn’t done a Morning Article Link or today’s comic review. My schedule got a bit goofed. When I’m done here I’ll get to work on the comic review. Tonight’s article is thankfully already done.

Birds Of Prey‘s marketing seems to be focused on Harley Quinn (with a recent movie poster not doing Huntress or the other heroes and villains any favors) and she’ll be in two more DC movies plus her own show on the DC Universe streaming service. It looks like Harley (or at least Margot Robbie’s interpretation, which is a whole other discussion given regular Harley’s toxic relationship with the Joker) is going to take over what should be ensemble movies featuring the Birds Of Prey, Suicide Squad, and Gotham Sirens in the theaters and it’s making one group wonder if maybe Harley is just going to take over as the new flagship of the DC movies. I wonder what that says for Superman (yes, I know what Bendis is up to…I’ll rant about it next week I’m sure) and Batman?

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