This is one fight Radioactive Man is staying out of.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #5

Bongo Comics (2007)

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Homer Simpson/Pieman: “Captain Cupcake And Pieboy”

WRITER: Mike W. Barr

PENCILER: James Lloyd

INKER: Andrew Peopoy

COLORIST: Rick Reese

Radioactive Man: “Mufelatto The Aliment Man”


ARTIST: Ramona Fradon

COLORIST: Robert Stanley

Snake has turn Professor Frink into the evil Professor Fink, who creates a ray that takes the age from one object and transfers it to another. (It’s comic logic.) He uses it to age coins by stealing the age from expired Kwik-E-Mart products and turn coal into diamonds by stealing the age of Grandpa Simpson. He also turns Pieman into a kid and Cupcake Kid into an adult. Now Homer and Bart have to switch their ages back and restore Frink to normal. While I still think Maggie should be Cupcake Kid because Bart already has Bartman and I just see more opportunities with her, it’s a fun story and I rather enjoyed it.

Meanwhile Radioactive Man deals with Mufelatto the Aliment Man. Basically he’s Metamorpho The Element Man (from DC Comics) but he turns into food rather than elements after a delivery man named Bob falls into a vat of chemicals Claude the Second (Radioactive Man’s dad) and his “I nobody’s mere assistant” Byron Bragg were studying. Bragg takes him and tries to sell his services but when Bragg’s daughter takes her love of food to fetish levels, their jealous chef plots to turn Radioactive Man against Mufelatto. His atomic powers manage to stop the fight and restore Bob to his true form, even if that means Bragg’s daughter is no longer interested. It’s a parody of Metamorpho and just a fun story even if you don’t get the references. (I know of the character and his cast at least.)

Overall I really enjoyed this issue. It’s one to look into.


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