“That tree could use some eyedrops.”

The Army Of Dr. Moreau #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2013–posted to comiXology on October 23rd)

WRITER: David F. Walker

ARTIST: Carl Sciacchitano

COLORIST: Sara Machajewski

November, 1939: Two agents from MI6, British Major Beckett and American (could be CIA or something but only MI6 is mentioned) agent Zeller are sent by Winston Churchill to visit novelist H.G. Wells when get reports of Nazis obtaining notes from a scientist named Dr. Meraux. It turns out Meraux’s experiment in eugenics was the inspiration for Wells’ The Island Of Doctor Moreau and was quite real. Beckett doesn’t buy it but Zeller is open to the possibility as Wells points them to Edward Prentiss, who admits he didn’t tell Wells everything about his experience. The monsters didn’t revert, the lab didn’t burn (not due to lack of trying) and based on the agents’ information Nazi scientists now have Meraux’s notes and are planning to create an army of monsters to help win the war.

What they got right: Sure, the idea’s been done before but that doesn’t mean this is a bad offering. We have two normal agents having normal reactions to being told some mad scientist made their own furries and now the Nazis are going to use them to make soldiers. The art is pretty good.

What they got wrong: Outside of Prentiss’s nightmare of being chased by Meraux’s monsters we don’t get to see any. We’re told that the notes have been hard to decipher and that what they’ve done so far isn’t to the liking of the general in charge but otherwise we have no idea what they look like. Granted this is the only issue I have, probably won’t get any others since this isn’t my genre, so I’m guessing that’s the mystery.  I just would have liked a sneak peak besides glowing eyes.

Recommendation: If a horror story about the Nazis creating human/animal hybrid monsters is your kind of story you should give this series a look. It’s not my thing but it looks like it could be good.

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