Jason had to steal his name from the Joker. At least Stephanie had an identity to fall back on.

Yes, Red Robin was a dumb name, especially if you live in an area where the restaurant exists. However, I thought you were supposed to come up with a BETTER name, not a worse one. Not if you’re Brian Michael Bendis apparently. First Superman, now Young Justice, what will he ruin next?

In this week’s Clutter Report the Transformers Universe reviews continue, this time it’s the first versus review as I compare Beast Machines Snarl to his Universe repaint. Same character, same mold. And this one isn’t without a casualty.

I already have a another video from Cartoon Cypher ready to post for Tuesday thanks to a goof on my part, as I forgot which video I teased the week before and had already written the article up before I realized my error. We’ll also close out the G1 Transformers intro reviews from Japan-exclusive casts before finally moving on to Beast Wars. And it’s time for the third story of Robin Hood’s recruitment drive in this week’s Chapter By Chapter. I just have to figure out what to do with the other two days. Enjoy the week, folks!

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