“C’mon guys, do we LOOK like the Marvel Universe? Or Zack Snyder’s superzeroes?”

Simpsons Super Spectacular #6

Bongo Comics (2007)

“Interminable Crises: The Extreme Alternate Edition”

WRITER: Batton Lash

PENCILER: Tone Rodriguez

INKER: Dan Davis

COLORIST: Robert Stanley

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Sinister Van Dalus has escaped and returned so many times even the Superiour Squadron is having a genre awareness moment. Plasmo’s solution is to banish him to the cosmos. However, Van Dalus’s mental powers allow him to project into the Simpsons universe and cause his creation in the comics, then kidnap three writers that I’m sure Dan DiDio would love to have in his bad fanfic brigade to torment the heroes and allow him to take over. Plasmo manages to escape and arrives at a comic convention in Springfield that Bartman and the rest of the usual Simpsons cast are attending. At Bart’s urging, they’re given superpowers and travel to the Radioactive Man universe to free the hero and his friends, and since the writers can’t influence them Van Dalus is defeated and imprisoned in the one thing that may never be opened…a limited edition comic so rare that Comic Book Guy seals it permanently. Let’s just hope Van Dalus can’t reach the Futurama universe because Fry is susceptible when he isn’t even being controlled.

What they got right: The superfied Simpsons cast ideas are pretty good choices. (Homer even gets to eat a plane.) Of course Plasmo wiped their minds of the adventure although since Bartman has met them before (I don’t know what issue but I want to read it) I would hope he and Milhouse at least remember it. The concept itself is solid, and while there is a bit of catharsis in dealing with the gritty makeover writers it doesn’t interfere with the story the way some writers these days do when they want to make a story about attacking what they don’t like–especially critics of their “great” work.

What they got wrong: Bart gets to wear his Bartman costume, but in previous issues of this series we’ve seen Milhouse as “Houseboy” (which is from the Bartman comics) and Homer as Pieman. They don’t get to wear their regular costumes or have their usual gear. I feel that’s a missed opportunity just for not-Hulk Homer to eat a plane. Granted, Milhouse’s costume here is better than his usual Houseboy outfit. Maybe he should change it to this one? The Futurama cameo was nice but it was too bad they couldn’t work in Life In Hell, Matt Groening’s first comic and the reason he got the Tracy Ullman Show gig that led to The Simpsons. All we get is an ad for a collected volume.

Recommendation: This may be my favorite issue of this series thus far. Fans of these series (The Simpsons, Bartman, and Radioactive Man) should check this one out.

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