“Ladies, this is DC. We have the original Captain Marvel!”

Justice League Adventures #4

DC Comics (April, 2002)

“World War Of The Sexes”

WRITER: Dan Slott


INKER: Rob Leigh

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Hathaway


EDITOR: Dan Raspler

Athena tells the Amazons to force their version of peace onto man’s world and they start conquering the place, using a magic spell to take control of the women. As the male members go after the forces, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl head to Themyscira with J’onn disguised as Supergirl to talk to Hippolyta, but she and a group of Amazons are under her influence and bearing weapons which match the powers of the Justice League. However, the regrouped heroes manage to get past them and expose “Athena” as Ares, hoping to create a great war between Amazons and the outside world. Wish his plan exposed and the spell ended things return to normal and the two groups part on friendly terms.

What they got right: It’s better than the “Amazons Attack” event anyway, if only because it’s only one issue and isn’t garbage. The Justice League have to outsmart the Amazons and they’re only doing what they think their chosen goddess is telling them to do. The art is also really good.

What they got wrong: I’ll give Slott a break in that he probably didn’t know an episode would force Diana to be banished for allowing male members of the League onto the island, even if it was to help stop Felix Faust from taking over and stealing their magical artifacts. Even the main DCU version isn’t that extreme, although their reasoning makes some level of sense as it’s their law. However, why is the Flash making sexist jokes? Yeah, he has a questionable sense of comedy in the DCAU on the level of Spider-Man, but he’s not usually a jerk in any DC continuity. And why not actually bring Supergirl (the only other established female hero in the DCAU at the time besides Batgirl, who was also an option) instead of having J’onn pretend to be her?

Recommendation: It’s a fairly decent story, continuity errors aside. Worth a read.

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