As a heads up I have a rather interesting one planned for next weekend, Halloween weekend. I won’t spoil it and hopefully it’s still up but it’s something different. So come back for that. All I’ll say is that it’s not Transformers related but a piece of early TV trivia I never knew about.

Transformers: Cyber Missions is a series of shorts set around the time of the movie Revenge Of The Fallen and is really just a way to promote the toys based on that line, with a cameo from the Power Core Combiners line. The animation was produced by TG Studios but thanks to what the TF Wiki refers to only as “circumstances” it was a rush job. Too bad because the models and backgrounds themselves aren’t too bad for a web series. Each episode is around four minutes, with the last two somewhat longer, with 13 episodes in total. It does mean that this playlist from the official Transformers YouTube channel will be bringing up the opening and closing bits every time, but you can skip the credits if you want.

Check out ads and clips from other shows on their YouTube channel.

[UPDATE: 3/13/2022> The original playlist is down and their new one is a bit of a mess. This is a placehold until I can make a proper playlist on my own.]

Interesting that they brought the Ratchet/Lockdown feud from Transformers Animated, especially with this being set in the Bayverse and it was the scene where Lockdown was responsible for Ratchet’s death that made me rage quit Age Of Extinction because not only did Bay not care about getting references right he obviously didn’t care about his own characters. If he doesn’t care, why should I? This show did a bit of that in referencing Scramble City, but it also referenced Mission City from the first Transformers movie. I also wonder why they had a one-episode appearance of Smoulder and Chopster, the only Power Core Combiner appearance (no, it’s not the one I have, that’s in the link), when the rest came from the Revenge Of The Fallen tie-in line? Anyway, the stories are decent for a series of shorts meant to sell toys to kids but this one is posted for the novelty more than the quality.


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  2. […] on the Transformers film series, specifically the section on spin-off media that includes the Cyber Missions web series loosely based on the Bayverse. As of this writing the playlist they had is down and the new one […]


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