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Robotech: Wings Of Gibraltar #2


Antarctic Press (September, 1998)


EDITOR: Herb Mallette

Rick and Max try to get everyone out of the base. However, both the test pilot for the VFI and Professor Ashland are killed, meaning Max has to take the prototype out to fight the new Zentraedi battlesuit. Being Max he wins and McKinley gets the survivors to safety.

What they got right: The battle is pretty good. There isn’t much more to say because the whole issue is mostly a big fight scene so that has to be good.

What they got wrong: Minor nitpicks. It’s odd seeing a Robotech narrator waxing philosophically about war rather than just describing events. Lines like “Who would weep for a race that had spent most of its time killing it’s own” just feels out of place to me. Dr. Chase really gets yelled at a lot considering nothing was his fault. Breetai’s trick got his spy drone into the base despite all logical precautions taken. When he tries to tell Max that the ship is barely ready and about the escape procedures he jumps down his throat. When he is disappointed all their research is gone Rick acts like he doesn’t care about the lives lost who as Rick himself notes died for that research…for nothing and again not because of anything Chase did wrong. Why does it seem like he’s getting the blame? There are plenty of scientist characters like that but Chase never came off as one.

Recommendation: This was a really good two issue miniseries. Check it out if you can. The first issue is exposition heavy and this one action heavy but together it balances out well enough.

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