I don’t think that new diet plan worked so well.

Justice League Adventures #7

DC Comics (July, 2002)

“Flash Fax”

WRITER: Len Kaminski

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Rick Burchett

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway


EDITOR: Dan Raspler

Finding a frequency he can vibrate at to match different kinds of broadcast signals the Flash tries to transport himself through the phone signal when he needs to leave the Watchtower while the others are away. However, he ends up in the fax machine instead of the telephone at STAR Labs, where he was asked to help investigate strange happenings, causing him to go two-dimensional. This allows him to see beings from the second dimension that nobody else can and the others think he’s going crazy until Hawkgirl and J’onn manage to prove him right. Finding a way to see the beings the Justice League manages to defeat them and the Flash sends them to a one-dimensional world when they try to escape.

What they got right: Conceptually it’s not a bad story. And despite the complaints to follow I did ultimately enjoy it. The Flash shows that despite his attention issues (a byproduct of his superspeed powers the show only barely acknowledges through inference) he is still a good hero.

What they got wrong: Outside of thinking this is more Silver Age than the tone of the Justice League cartoon of the time (I could see it on Justice League Action though) my complaints are minor. The League doesn’t seem to think to much of the Flash given how they respond to him. (We know John Stewart thinks little of him, which is keeping with the show.) It’s also a power that Flash never utilizes again, though with a little experimenting there might be advantages to this new use of his vibrational powers…provided he avoids fax machines. It’s also convenient that Flash happens to go two dimensional just as aliens from the second dimension invades Earth.

Recommendation: A good story but a bit on the weird side for this incarnation. Still, it’s fun enough to give a read.

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