“Great, a multiversal Milhouse infestation. Bet they’re all from the dark multiverse, too.”

Simpsons Super Spectacular #12

Bongo Comics (2010)

The original review was kind of weak so I’m doing it over.

WRITER: Ian Boothby

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Bartman: “Dial ‘M’ For Milhouse”

PENCILER: John Delaney

COLORIST: Nathan Hamill

Bartman: “Metal As Anything”

PENCILER: Hilary Barta

COLORISTS: Art Villanueva & Nathan Kane

In the first tale the Brotherhood Of Bullies robs a science convention but Professor Frink’s new machine gets glued to Houseboy’s hand, granting him the ability to turn into different superheroes. However, all the transformations affect his mind and he slowly turns evil until Bartman can free him from the device. It’s a parody of “Dial H For Hero”, with most of the powers being based on DC heroes. I kind of liked it.

The second story finds Bartman accidentally dropping his family laundry into Frink’s vat of totally not the Metal Men, causing the robots to take on the Simpsons’ personas. They run rampant until Homer’s sandwich falls into heavy water vat and turns into a monster. The robots decide to end their rampage and team with Bartman to stop the monster. This was also a fun adventure, although Homer talks about wishing he was a superhero in a book where Pieman is right on the cover. We’re never getting that Pieman/Bartman team-up, are we?

Overall this was a rather good book, but it is all just Bartman. I do still miss not having a Radioactive Man story but if you like Bartman you’ll like this issue.

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