Pieman is not in this comic. Sadly, neither is Radioactive Man.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #12

Bongo Comics (no date given, just go with Jan 2011)

WRITER: Ian Boothby
PENCILERS: John Delaney (story 1); Hilary Barta (story 2)
INKER: Andrew Pepoy
COLORISTS: Nathan Hamill (story 1); Art Villanueva & Nathan Kale
LETTERER: Karen Bates
EDITOR: Bill Morrison

In the first story, Bartman and Houseboy gain access to a cell phone that gives you different superpowers every time you use it. Unfortunately, it also turns Millhouse evil. In the back-up story, Bartman accidentally drops the family laundry into one of Frink’s projects, creating Simpsons-like liquid metal robots while an accident at the Power Plant created a nuclear food monster.

What they got right: The first story is a parody of “Dial H For Hero” while the second parodies the Metal Men. Both are fun and humorous.

What they got wrong: No Radioactive Man. Good as the Bartman stories are, I really get the title for Radioactive Man.

Recommendation: A good comic parody that’s worth picking up.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Marvel Adv. Spider-Man V2 #10

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