Ah, dinner and a movie at the same time.

Justice League Adventures #9

DC Comics (September, 2002)

“Stepping Out”

WRITER: Matt Howarth

ARTIST: David Lopez

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway

EDITOR: Stephen Wacker

A nihilistic terrorist group calling themselves Ego Cell is out to wipe out humanity because we all suck and some other species should get a chance yada yada the usual crud. However, their plan may end up destroying the planet, not that they believe it. Working separate parts of the case, the Justice League manage to foil their plan, while the Flash keeps having to take part in each situation…which is interfering with Wally’s date.

What they got right: This is where a secret identity benefits the story, as it shows Wally trying to have a date while also saving the day. Not every story has to involve supervillains although Ego Cell’s plan kind of ranks with them.

What they got wrong: However I find it difficult to believe that a new group, no matter much money they were able to drudge up in the pre-crowdfunding days, has the resources to go into space and strap missiles onto asteroids to launch at the Earth. And I can buy they were able to take over a missile base for the sake of the story so even I have my limits.

Recommendation: This was a fun story. Look it up sometime.

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