“Yes, I helped conquer, experiment on, and torture your people. You can’t take a joke?”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 2 #4

Eternity Comics (December, 1990)

“The Hunted”

WRITERS: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm

ARTIST: John Waltrip


LETTERER: Patrick Owsley

The Sentinels head off to distract the Pursuer, because although their ship isn’t powered by Protoculture the Invid managed to integrate a Protoculture signal into their ship. However, the Sentinels have one more trick as they surprise the organic computer, and the REF, with the Farrago‘s ability to separate off smaller ships. The REF uses that confusion to destroy the Pursuer with the SDF-3‘s main gun and the Farrago‘s own main weapon, destroying the Pursuer. Later, the Sentinels reveal how they learned of the REF and why they sought out the extra help. They also have the Invid scientist Tesla, who held them prisoner as part of the Regis’s Genesis Pit project, though she’s convinced he ran back to her husband. Veidt and Bela inform Rick that they’re preparing to head to the first planet on their list of worlds to be liberated–Karbarra, home of the bear people where they hope to gather more warriors–in 24 hours, though Rick is not sure he can convince the council to join them so early. One way or another he still plans to join them.

What they got right: We see that the Sentinels are a decent fighting group on their own even without the Robotech-using allies they came to get, but are still smart enough to know any extra forces they have can only be a benefit to their cause. We also see more of Edwards’ slow decent into madness, which I assure you is coming, and lust for power.

What they got wrong: I understand the benefit of the Sentinels’ ship not running on Protoculture but when did the Invid manage to sneak in a tracking device they know about but haven’t removed, presumably because they can’t? Also, how does a ship run on peet moss? Are they taking the grasshopper look of the ship a bit too seriously?

Recommendation: The story is still getting good and knowing where this is going I do recommend checking out this series if you can.


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2 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    That is a really cool looking cover. The coloring on it makes me wish that the inside of the comic was also in color. Perhaps, a recolored omnibus of the Robotech: The Sentinels comics could be published?

    This issue and the last issue you previewed are the only two Robotech: The Sentinels comic books that I still have. Reading your review reminds me of how interesting the story is at this point in the Sentinels series. I’m now curious to see what the “bear planet” Karbarra is like. I’ll pay attention to your next preview articles, and if those comics sound decent, then I will try to track down those back issues in the two comic shops I visit (it will be challenging I’m sure).


  2. Sean says:

    Notice how the bear planet Karbarra sounds very similar to Carebear. I wonder if that was done on purpose…….


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