Why yes, there are comics in my comiXology library that aren’t Batman.

Pac-Man was hungry today.

Bone #1

Cartoon Books (July, 1991; comiXology posting July, 2011)


COLORIST: Steve Hamaker

Chased out of Boneville for what we’re told are some shady business deals that fell apart, Phoncible P. Bone (Phoney to his friends…if he had any) is not happy about going from rich to poor and on the run. Forced to help him are his cousins, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone. Smiley and Phoney don’t get along. Fone is separated from his cousins during a locus swarm and finds himself in a valley where he meets a bug named Ted and two creatures who want to eat him. With winter coming on fast Fone’s only hope for finding his cousins lies with the mysterious Thorne.

What they got right: I like the art style. The design for the Bones and the few characters we meet (including a dragon that might be important later and Ted’s big brother) are simple but creative. It’s something a kid could easily draw, and given the age range comiXology gives it that’s a good thing. The three character all have unique personalities that we see right away. Phoney is a rich snob, Smiley is a carefree jerk, and Fone…has to put up with both of them, but is a good guy to a fault. There must be something good here if this series is as popular as it is.

What they got wrong: We don’t know just what Phoney did to get chased out beyond “shady business deals went sour” or if Smiley is exaggerating when he says the mayor encouraged kids to throw stuff at him. Maybe at some point what happened is explained but it isn’t here and it’s the closest thing I have to something that works in this category since the random character appearances when Fone ends up in the valley are presumably intended given it’s the first issue of a series.

Recommendation: Bone is a popular series and while I can’t judge a whole series that has lasted for years based on the first issue alone (which is all that’s available to me as of this writing) I do see hints of why. This may be worth checking out.

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