If it didn’t have Bumblebee I’m not convinced. (image source: Multiplayer.it by way of TFW2005)

The best video game isn’t your favorite video game, unless you mean that. “To me this is the best video game ever!” Your favorite video game may be the best you ever played because it’s the type of game you enjoy. Someone may prefer Tetris, someone else Starcraft, and somebody else Aliens: Colonial Marines. Heck, someone out there really likes the ET video game. Again, quality doesn’t always equal enjoyment.

The most popular video games may also not be the most influential. An influential game introduces a play mechanic or maybe even story mechanic that improves video games as a method of play primarily or finds a way to tell a story not seen before. It may also just innovate an old mechanic and improve on it. Of course I don’t play a lot of video games due to everything else I work on, though I’ve been wanting to. Every time I think I’m ready to start a let’s play video series so I can work in it (this is an odd way to get me to do a project or have fun but it seems to be working with reading comics and books) something else goes wrong, usually with the computer but sometimes its part of everything else life is tossing at me. So I’m turning to Game Theory and MatPat as he takes a two-part video to go not the best or his favorite games but ones that have been thus far more influential in the advancement of video games as a form of media.

You don’t have to wait a week to see this one, because I have both videos right here for you. This one didn’t pop up until just after 2020 began while the one above saw 2019 off. You can see in the thumbnail which two games MatPat chose as the most influential video game of the 2010s. The question you have to ask is whether or not he makes a good case.

Catch more Game Theories on the Theorists’ YouTube channel.

My cousin’s daughter plays Minecraft but I haven’t really gotten into it because the stuff I’d like to do there–building and exploring–I can do on Second Life without the exploding zombies, and I barely have time to play that (when it runs on my computer). Plus Minecraft is no longer free and I have no money, but it does look fun. Maybe someday I’ll give it a shot.

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