Since I never have seen him before that will be rather easy.

Captain Canuck #0

Chapter House Comics (comiXology release: May 16, 2015)

CREATORS: Richard Comley & Ron Leishman

EDITOR: Anthony Falcone

“Aleph” part 1 (preview)


COLORIST: Jim Charlampdis

LETTERER: Ed Brisson

“Captain Canuck Case File”


ARTIST: George Freeman

The first story is a few pages from the rebooted series. It shows the hero jumping into a fire at some kind of facility. These few pages, a clip from the first issue I think, showcases the new look for the Canadian superhero and his team at the organization Equilibrium. It’s a teaser but a good one, and I do like the art.

I’m guessing they were either reprinting the classic stories or also doing stories in the classic comic universe. (The comic debuted in 1975 when the creators realized there were no Canadian superhero comics, unless you count Alpha Flight.) This section is an original piece though with new art, going over the series, a sort of primer for anyone looking into the classic Captain Canuck comic.

Overall this was a fairly decent sampler for Free Comic Book Day. This might be a series worth looking into at least but I don’t see enough to give it a proper recommendation. Still, the sampler’s free at comiXology so it won’t cost any money to give it a peek.

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  1. Sean says:

    I have a Captain Canuck comic book from the 1970s. The 1970s version of Captain Canuck seems pretty cool. In the present, I don’t know much about the more modern Captain Canuck. Hey, every country needs its own superhero!


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