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I’ve posted about this series before, and even posted a few episodes since the show also airs on Hasbro’s official Transformers YouTube channel. And given how poorly Cartoon Network airs the thing unless you can find it to DVR it that’s probably the best way to see it in the US. The first post-Aligned Transformers series, Cyberverse started the first season being about repairing Bumblebee’s memory and finding the rest of the Ark crew and the All-Spark of this continuity. Season two sees no connection to the name, as the Transformers fight their war openly on Earth for the first time since the first Robots In Disguise (the one based on Car Robots) and yet features the least amount of human interaction since Beast Machines. No human allies this time. Plus the episodes are only 11 minutes long because everyone involved doesn’t realize the reasons online cartoons are short come from the budget, not that people want shorter cartoons. I’ve talked all that to death though.

The show itself has a cruder animation style than the previous shows we’ve discussed, though arguably the Rescue Bots shows could be worse given the not-exactly-Flash program used to create it. However, the writing has grown to impress me. Hey, I was surprised by Be Cool, Scooby-Doo so anything’s possible. The show’s intro has minor changes between season one and two and the Japanese version just has a character talking over it with other international intros (I haven’t heard of any country outside of Japan getting a unique intro so I haven’t covered them) so this should be a short one. Also there’s still at least one more season coming taking place on Cybertron, but season two just wrapped a few weeks ago. Let’s get through this then.

Short, but to the point. We see some action, a brief glimpse into what we later learn is Bumblebee’s damaged memory files where Bumblebee and Windblade try to restore his memories, and the intro is pretty cool. The action is about the same as the show’s and we see some of the characters from Bee’s memories plus the All-Spark design for this incarnation. Season two changed the concept as now it was about the war for the All-Spark and Starscream getting his hands on it, being driven nuts and believing his mission is to draw everyone back into the All-Spark. There’s a lot of robo-death this season.

Very little change here. The bit in Bumblebee’s head is replaced with a very minor demonstration of the “Power Of The Spark”‘s gimmick in that we see Starscream get some armor. Some of the toys in this sub-line actually turn random Earth vehicles into battle armor. It happens a few times in the show but not often. Instead it is about Starscream’s madness and the inability of the Autobots and Decepticons to get along as he becomes a threat to them both. We do see an expanded cast.

Also of note in both intros is the demonstrated of the chosen “evergreen” designs. Sadly, Bumblebee is pulling from the Bay movies and not the classic Bumblebee or the Travis Knight prequel movie. The only idea being brought over from the Aligned continuity is the idea of evergreen designs but continuity may well be going back to the idea of changing every few years, though oddly Rescue Bots Academy is continuing the Aligned continuity and that’s the one for preschoolers. I remain confused at some of Hasbro’s decisions. At least they’re releasing some good toys and stories. They’re doing a better job on Power Rangers too so I can’t call them out for incompetence, just decisions I wouldn’t have made.

I don’t have a lot to say about the theme. It lines up with the animation well and that’s it. Meanwhile, China is working to use the same character models and toys to create a new line with it’s own continuity, Nezha: Transformers, which combines Transformers with a Chinese series called Legend of Nezha, about a Chinese god of cars or something and apparently the show is interesting enough that current Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner is looking to bring that one to the rest of the world. That might be interesting. It might be worth looking into that show in the future.

Now we are up to date with the many intros of Transformers, but I haven’t reviewed them all. There are a few one-shot shows with intros that I’ll be getting into next time in the final installment of The Many MANY Intros Of The Transformers.


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