Come on, what am I supposed to do with a montage like this?

Star Trek #65

DC Comics (November, 1994)

“Bait…And Switch”

WRITER: Howard Weinstein


PENCILER: Rod Whigham

LETTERER: Arne Starr

COLORIST: David Grafe

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

The Enterprise is called to a mission so secret even they aren’t allowed to know what it is. They just know they need to bring Vulcan ambassador Sidak and his aide T’rin to a place as soon as possible. However, the ship runs into one disaster after another which will delay them. They’re finally told that it’s a mission to establish a treaty with a race the crew has met before, the Nara’Gi, who are very strict about meeting deadlines. The bad news is that the disasters delay them enough that the Nara’Gi tell them the deal is off. The good news is the actual deal was completed months ago and this was a trick to expose a Romulan spy, who want the same travel rights. As the Enterprise goes to pick up the real ambassadorial party they’re asked to snag a stolen Nara’Gi ship, and learn the ship was stolen by a pair of teenagers, one of whom is Vulcan–and the daughter of Stonn and T’Pring! (You know, from the episode “Amok Time”.)

What they got right: This was a good story. Kirk and company start to realize they’re being delayed on purpose. The Enterprise being a decoy makes sense. While a longer story might have offered more tension it wouldn’t have been long enough for two issues so they did the best they could with the space they had. There’s also a discussion about how some Vulcans live up to the stereotype, and it made me think of Captain Archer over on the other Enterprise.

What they got wrong: Sidak looks a bit too much like Sarek, but that’s about it.

Recommendation: While not a story to rush out to find it is a good story to check out. I’m missing the next issue but the one after that will be my last look at this period of Star Trek until Star Trek Unlimited gets into the rotation.

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