Guys, you’re going the wrong way.

Robotech II: Invid World, Assault On Optera (a Worlds Of Robotech book)

Academy Comics, Ltd (October, 1994)

WRITER/INKER: Jason Waltrip


LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

With Karbarra having been liberated from the Invid a group of Karbarran soldiers decide to travel to the Invid homeworld of Optera and kill the Regent. Without the resources yet for a full strike a small team is sent in to infiltrate the Hive. They get through all the blockades and make it to the Regent, blowing him up but dying in the process. Oh wait, it was another Regent clone.

What they got right: It’s a good exploration of the Invid. We learn about their organic technology (not counting their ships and mecha), a bit of their history, and the infiltration team has to prepare for a lot of their defenses and their weaknesses (like the Invid sensing protoculture so the team uses a different power source for their equipment). And it’s all done with an interesting and exciting story as we see the infiltrators make their way into the Hive and locate what they think is the Regent, while seeing that the Regent may be a rage machine but he’s no dummy.

What they got wrong: Maybe I don’t have this placed correctly in the timeline due to the chunk of comics I’m missing but shouldn’t the Karbarrans already think the Regent is dead given what we were told last week in the main title? Or did they not get the message or just didn’t believe it?

Recommendation: A good story and a good look into the Invid. This is worth picking up.

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  1. Sean says:

    This comic book issue sounds like it provides even deeper insights about what makes the Invid tick. To make a rhyme, I’m kind of sick, haven’t been feeling well today, so back to rest I go. But when I feel better, I shall check out the other cool articles you’ve posted up here since Wednesday!


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