“You have huge nasal hair.”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #13

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1995)

“Scheme A Little Scheme”


LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

Jack reports back to the others not only that the scout team was captured but was momentary exposed to the Garudan air, which Cabell assumes was to soften them up for brain scans. While the Regent doesn’t learn the location of Earth he does learn Rem is a clone of Zor with some of Zor’s memories, and sends him to Haydon IV for deeper scan. (Also to stick it to the Regis who is also there.) Barak suggests using Tesla as a swap for their comrades, but it’s really a plan to get Tesla to the scientists in hopes of winning them over. Too bad he didn’t ask Tesla first, who is sure the Regent will take him out before he has a chance. He suggests an alternate plan, which the others had already considered…have a team distract the Invid while a rescue party goes in after them. This was rejected because they don’t know their way around the Hive, but Tesla does. He also tells them that the Invid sensors can detect their protoculture power sources, which factors into the plan. Back on the ship a drunk Wolfe is on monitoring duty, still hurting that Minmei stayed with Edwards. Praxia comes in, and between his booze and her resemblance to Minmei he goes on about why this all happened and that he still loves her. For some reason Praxia starts making out with him just as the warning comes from the sensors that an Invid ship is coming to say hi with their lasers.

What they got right: Max shows quality leadership, listening to the team and coming up with plans. We see how baby Baldar is coming. The quarrel between the Regis and Regent continues and I like the expression on the others when the Regent says to send Rem to her as a “gift from her loving husband”, which is really him pouring salt into his wife’s wounds.

What they got wrong: Outside of needing to distract Wolfe, which I would think the booze would already do, why does Praxa decide to make out with Wolfe? She initiates it too, as he talks about still being in love with Minmei (again, Praxa resembles Minmei). Does she have a connection with him I missed in that hole in my collection? Plus between his being drunk and her suffering from trauma that’s made her mute I’m not sure who is taking advantage of whom, though she started it.

Recommendation: The story continues to be amazing. You really should check this series out.

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  1. Sean says:

    This particular issue of Robotech II: The Sentinels sounds like it has more romantic drama in it than an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Miami usually contains!!!!!


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