Sorry about no comic review today. I’ll explain tomorrow.

I know Fox Kids were willing to take a few more risks than the other Saturday Morning lineups but somehow “let’s take an Argentine comic filled with violence, sex, nudity, and death and turn it into a kids show to start our Saturday morning programming” seems like an odd idea. And yet the Canadian/Japanese co-production Cybersix did just that. Created by Network Of Animation in Canada and Japanese studio TMS Entertainment, responsible for many North American animated works, the show is based on the comic by Carlos Megila (though the credits also mention a Carlos Trillo, who wasn’t mentioned in the Wikipedia entries I found…this is why we question the source) and follows the adventures of a genetically engineered warrior, the last survivor after the creator of the Cybers took their rebellion personally and killed them all…or so he thought. “Cyber 6” managed to survive, hiding out as a school teacher by day and defeating their plans at night while gaining “sustenance” from the villain’s monstrous minions–vampire style in the comic and stealing their vials of the stuff in the show…though it ended up being ignored as the series went on.

Cybersix also picks up some allies. Fellow teacher Lucas Amato, who stumbles into this mess and later becomes Cybersix’s love interest. In our second episode tonight a panther named Data-7 (who has the brain of one of the other Cybers…it’s that kind of comic) and a street urchin named Julian. This is when people are back to being “destroyed” instead of “killed”. Meanwhile, Cybersix has to contend with the romantic advances of one of her students because Cybersix’s disguised as a male teacher. Like I said, it’s that kind of comic. Some of the violence even in tonight’s pilot would be toned down later on for the all-ages demographic but the show is still really good. Take a look.

That cape is ridiculously long but also really cool. And what about that theme song? Written by Robert Oliver and sung by jazz vocalist Coral Egan it’s such a beautiful intro I wonder why I didn’t do a My Favorite Intros on it yet (at least I couldn’t find it)? Let’s see episode two and complete the cast.

My mistake. They slipped a “kill” in there after all. I think they got those thumbnails reversed. Julian debuts in episode two and Lucas in episode one.

If you like what you saw here the full series is available on Amazon Prime and home video, and is slowly being loaded to the official “Anime! on TMS” channel. Here’s a link right to the playlist. It’s a series I recommend looking more into.


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