Th estrange thing is I’m not sure Mr. T himself would have been a fan of his depiction in some of these comics.

The comic I used, because of course I used one with Doctor Who. Also, here’s a Know Your Meme article about the craze, though it apparently needs to be fixed. You should get the basic premise though. I am disappointed that I misspelled “helluva” but it’s not a word most people use these days and I still kept running into space issues on the panel. So I’m gonna take the lazy approach and leave it. Please don’t throw me. A lot of these comics were not in-line with Mr. T’s personality, but just reflected the creators’ idea of what being a tough guy is and it was the same thing every comic. It’s an interesting sidenote in web history but in my opinion not a huge loss.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week my cousin was getting rid of a bed just as I needed one. So I have a new bed.

I’m going to be going a bit easy this week, to make up for the movie marathon I had to do last week. There might be more filler videos but there’s also a new development or two on the DC Comics leadership I’ll have to discuss. Otherwise, business as usual.


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  1. Sean says:

    Mr. T and Dr. Who would be quite a team up! Do I detect a future comic book series of Mr. T/Dr. Who produced by Titan Comics?????


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