The prototype for an MCU version of Operation.

Iron Man volume 3 #66

Marvel Comics (May, 2003)

“Manhunt” part 2

WRITERS: Mike Grell & Robin Laws

PENCILER: Michael Ryan

INKER: Rich Perrotta

COLORIST: Arisa Rozegar

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Marc Sumerak & Andy Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Last issue Happy was shot and we open this issue with Tony being shot trying to protect him, though Tony is the target. He’s able to call his armor, which gets them both to the hospital. As they operate on Happy, Tony succumbs to his injuries and has to be taken care of himself. As Pepper and Rumiko try to be their for their men, Tony tells Pepper that he let slip about the baby, sending Pepper running in tears. With Nick Fury and an agent’s help Tony puts clues together and realizes that Temugin, the Mandarin’s son, trying to frame Tony and continue his father’s work to take over Asia. That night an assassin takes out Tony’s guards and gets ready to finish him off!

What they got right: Even under sedation Tony’s mind is able to figure things out. Now that Happy knows about the baby I’m hopeful this will lead to Pepper and Happy finally getting back together. Meanwhile we get to see Mandarin junior’s plot unfold.

What they got wrong: Even now Pepper has to turn down Rumiko’s attempt to be there not so much for a friend but a mutual acquaintance who are both going through the same thing with the men they love. At least for Tony’s sake (although you’re probably mad at him and this was a terrible way to finally let the secret out) try to get along with her when she extends an olive branch. I don’t need them to be friends but they don’t have to remain enemies, especially now.

Recommendation: The story is going well so far but given how stories are done by this point I prefer to wait for the full trade-padded arc to conclude to render a final judgement. If it continues on course it might be worth it but we’re only on part two of five.


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