This video was produced for April Fool’s Day but in between the gags are some rather interesting tidbits about the Japanese dub of The Boss Baby as well as a discussion about how the Oscars snub animation, especially Japanese animation. How do the two go together? They don’t. It’s an April Fools video, but both are interesting enough that I wanted to share with you guys.

Catch more from The Cartoon Cypher on their YouTube channel.

A notation from the YouTube postin:

Aaaaactually ignore what I said about Rango at 5:15. I only saw it when I was younger and didn’t really get it at the time, but in retrospect I can understand why it won. I knocked Surf’s Up at 4:47 but that’s probably not fair, the mockumentary approach was pretty fresh even if I didn’t like the film as much as its competitors. Pretend I said Shark Tale or something there lmao. Also for the stuff at 5:15, ParaNorman wasn’t the only good one that got snubbed by Brave that year IMO. Likewise re:Wind Rises getting snubbed by Frozen etc etc. Here’s the full list of winners & nominees. Also keep in mind that the Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot/CartoonBrew are probably deliberately picking the most provocative comments to put front & centre for maximum attention. They’re funny af for sure, but keep in mind that it’s probably not all as brazenly ignorant as that. In general the whole Oscars affair has more factors going on with it than what we made out in this video. We were just taking the piss and we ended up simplifying the truth, so if you actually wanna learn about the AMPAS and the Oscars you might wanna look elsewhere haha.


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