The Justice League finally brings Triangle Man down for the attacks on Particle Man and Person Man..

Justice League Unlimited #15

DC Comics (January, 2006)

“Urban Legend”

WRITER: Adam Beechan


INKER: Walden Wong

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Travis Lanham

EDITOR: Tom Palmer Jr.

Vibe’s brother is being inducted into a Detroit street gang Vibe was part of until he got his powers and became a superhero instead. They’ve also stolen something major from STAR Labs, and it turns out to be a component of Mister Atom, Dr. Silvana’s robot, which he plans to use to attack the Marvels and destroy Fawcett City while giving the gang laser weapons in payment. Worried about possibly bringing his brother in, Vibe eventually calls on the heroes on the cover to stop the gang with his brother’s help and take out Mister Atom.

What they got right: I like getting this look into Vibe’s history and family. One downside of Justice League Unlimited bringing in so many heroes is that they didn’t always get a chance to go into so many of them, some only getting cameos at best. I like that the comic often takes the opportunity to go into characters the show didn’t.

What they got wrong: Armando only stops his would-be gang pal from offing Ragman because he was going to shoot him in the back, not because he saw this was getting out of hand and that maybe Silvana and the gang were not the type of people that had Southwest Detroit’s best interests or even his.

Recommendation: A well-done tale. Worth checking out.

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