Star Trek fans show their response to CBS All-Access’s Picard series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation–The Modala Imperative #3

DC Comics (August, 1991)

“Prior Claim”

WRITER: Peter David

ARTIST: Pablo Marcos


LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

Picard tries to make the Ferengi commander, Daimon Tran (“Daimon” is a rank), realize that his claim is invalid as it was made in violation of Federation law as well as with a leadership long since deposed but Tran just wants the planet’s riches. Owz’s rival faction interrupts Picard’s attempt at reasoning by starting a firefight, causing the Ferengi to call in more troops and starting a panic. Owz manages to get Picard and Spock to safety while Troi and McCoy are captured by the Ferengi. Stroyka, the ruler of Modala, finds Owz’s group and Picard has to convince them to work together. However, their rescue attempt is foiled and now the Ferengi have them all.

What they got right: Continuity is used well here, bringing up Troi’s mother and the last time the Ferengi dealt with her in the show. Also McCoy’s bit about not coming to Modala after his previous visits was a funny line.

What they got wrong: I have a few minor art complaints and not much else. The overly heavy shading is probably the worst of it.

Recommendation: This continues to be a good story even if like me you haven’t seen the first miniseries. Worth looking into.

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