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Justice League Unlimited #17

DC Comics (March, 2008)

“Let Freedom Ring”

WRITER: Adam Beechen


INKER: Lary Stucker

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Phil Balsman

EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr.

A general tricks the Freedom Fighters into taking a chip from the Watchtower computers so they can use it to spy on the League. When the Atom catches Doll Man trying to steal the chip the two groups do battle until they finally calm down, compare notes, and realize the deception. After paying the general a visit the two teams reconcile.

What they got right: The summary is short because half the comic is them fighting, but it’s also a 2000s kid comic so they never put that much in there anyway. You’re lucky to get four panels a page. However, the story fits well in that space. The Ray, whose son (also going by the superhero name The Ray) is part of the League, is already suspicious of the general’s plan or at least the one most not on board with it. While I’m personally not a fan of hero versus hero fights, from a critical perspective it was done well.

What they got wrong: I may come off like a prude here but Phantom Lady’s outfit is a bit revealing for a kids comic. What I mean is most kids productions (and I’m betting Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network would do so for this show, despite targeting an older crowd, like they did with the less skimpy Huntress’s outfit) would try to add a bit more to Phantom Lady’s bikini, something that was not part of her original outfit. It was more of a yellow one-piece with the shoulders exposed, and frankly looks classier while still working as a superhero costume given her style and motif. Also, the story acts like the general is a character the viewers reading this should know (John Stewart says he’s met the guy) but he’s nowhere in the DCAU fan wiki.

Recommendation: A decent story that isn’t a bad read but not a must-own comic unless you just want to see the Freedom Fighters fight the DCAU version of the Justice League.

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