I’d make a Voltron/MegaZord joke, but that’s what actually happens in the story.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #18

Academy Comics Ltd (June, 1995)

“Garudans In The Mist”

WRITER/ARTIST: Jason Waltrip

LETTERING: Mike DeLepine

Rick, Lisa, and Karen are still under the influence of the Garudan atmosphere and dying. Kami, Learna, and the shaman Quazi believe they are trapped in the Hin, a dreamwalking state that binds Garudans together but the humans’ minds are unprepared for. The three enter the Hin and uncover the Hin has trapped them in their own nightmares. Rick feels guilty for letting Earth be attacked by the Robotech Masters, Lisa still lives under the shadow of Minmei when it comes to Rick, and Karen is told how bad she is by her father. All three require different solutions to break them out, but the nightmares form a whirlwind to further attack them. The Garudans summon spirits of the Hin, which due to the humans’ mind appear in the form of mecha that can unite MegaZord style into a giant robot. While they are able to end the nightmares they are unable to awaken the humans, but with their condition now stabilized a solution may exist at the Sentinels’ next liberation goal, Haydon IV, where Rem was taken.

What they got right: The scenes within the Hin are quite fascinating, and Karen makes a bit of peace with how she perceives her father’s attitude towards her, which was the best part of the story. The MegaZord was cool too.

What they got wrong: DeLepine comes from Alphabet Soup and the errors continue. Some balloons are improperly placed and mess up the flow of the dialog and the sound effects still show up in caption boxes.

Recommendation: One of the my favorite issues of the series. Definitely look this one up but I still recommend the entire series.

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  1. Sean says:

    That creature on the cover definitely looks like one of the Ro-beasts from Voltron! I expect Hagar or Prince Lothor to be somewhere lurking in the cover’s scenery.

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