“Let’s see a Space Uber driver do this!”

Justice League Unlimited #18

DC Comics (April, 2006)

“Fare 48”

WRITER: Adam Beechan

ARTIST: Ethen Bavers

COLORING: Heroic Age


EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr

Space Cabbie is coming back from bringing a fare to the 21st Century when he sees a distress call from Superman. Science-freak aliens want to know what it’s like to watch a Kryptonian die and drop him on a red sun planet for their experiment. Space Cabbie rescues Superman and they both run from the Psions until the reach our solar system and the Justice League.

What they got right: Ever since seeing Space Cabbie on Justice League Action I’ve become a fan…of that version at least. This is the only other time he’s had a significant presence in a comic I own and it’s nice to see the comic use another somewhat obscure character in DC history.

What they got wrong: Granted Action Cabbie has soured me on any other version but that’s hardly this comic’s faultm and neither is the show being canceled. That’s on Cartoon Network for failing to treat the show right. DC’s fault there’s no tie-in comic though. I do wonder why Batman and Flash are out here to fight the Psions when they need a force field from Green Lantern. It’s not like they don’t have other spacefaring powerhouses anymore.

Recommendation: A very enjoyable outing. Worth a read.

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