For the record yes, I know there is a #0 but it’s only a timeline of events leading up to this issue and featuring the Academy version of the pre-Macross Saga stories (Return To Macross, Warriors, Academy Blues, and whatever came in from Eternity Comics, whose license and stories they continued). That’s why I’m not reviewing it.

All that firepower and the fly still got away.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #1

Academy Comics, Ltd (December, 1995)

“World Killers!”



no letterer mentioned

Jack’s team escapes Haydon IV’s outer defenses but end up trapped within the planet. Meanwhile, Max, Vince, and Jean arrive on the planet where Veidt and Sarna meet with Vowad, Prince Administrator Of Planetary Function, and Sarna’s father. Ever since the Invid arrive there has been a growing division. Vowad believes the Invid have as much right to be there as anyone else while Veidt and Sarna believe the Invid are a threat to the planet just by being there and think they should be expelled. While Max and Jean take Rick, Lisa, Miriya, and Karen to be treated for Garudan air exposure, Vince, Cabal, and Johnathan go to meet with the Regent to barter for Rem’s release in exchange for Tesla. Back on Tirol Edwards’ group gives chase after Minmei and her mysterious rescuer.

What they got right: Pretty much everything. There are some good character moments and an nice reveal about Sarna’s daddy. The conflicts that will matter to the Haydon IV storyline are well defined and should make for a good story.

What they got wrong: I don’t know who did the lettering but they have so much to learn about proper balloon placement. Just when I thought I had figured out their system even that shows to be out of place and it’s hard to read some panels properly. I will give credit for putting the laser sound effects inside the laser, but the font or lettering style is rather lazy and when they don’t have that option the lettering ends up in a balloon, which is still better looking that the boxes but not by much.

Recommendation: This is a good start for book 4. It’s a shame this volume will end on a cliffhanger as the final arc before Academy lost the license and nobody’s been able to get the Waltrips to finish their story. (I’ll get to that in the future.) I still recommend the series though and there are more issues in book 4 to go through before we’re done.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hopefully, the Waltrips will someday finish the story. Too many comic series end without having true closure.


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