“Darn, I grab Boxey’s flashlight by mistake!”

Battlestar Galactica (Classic) #0

Dynamite Entertainment (2018, posted to comiXology October, 2018)

WRITER: John Jackson Miller


COLORIST: Natalia Marques

COVER ART: Sean Chen & Cris Peter

LETTERER: Taylor Esposito

EDITOR: Anthony Marques

Forced to cross alien space against the wishes of the locals earns the ragtag fleet some potential new enemies, and Adama questions his decision. Meanwhile Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer come across another group of aliens, the Okatti, who appear to be on the run from Cylons, though they aren’t attacking. Blue Squadron makes short work of them and meet up with the Comitat, who are chasing the Okatti like the Cylons chase the Colonials. Blue Squadron helps the Okatti ship escape and return to their fleet. Are they potential allies?

What they got right: I like the art work. I also like the idea of the Galactica and the fleet meeting another fleet like theirs. It has potential to be an interesting story and the designs of both the Okatti and Kiernu.

What they got wrong: For some reason comiXology doesn’t have the rest of this storyline, instead acting like this is part of an earlier miniseries Dynamite produced that I’ve already reviewed. I’d like to see where this goes and if I’m right with how this will turn out.

Recommendation: It looks like the start of a good storyline. I hope I get to finish it someday. Worth looking into.

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