“Why does everyone keep calling me ‘Sarek’?”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Celebrity Series: Blood & Honor

Malibu Comics (May, 1995)

WRITER: Mark Lenard

PENCILERS: Leonard Kirk & Ken Penders

INKERS: Terry Pallot, Scott Reed, Larry Welch, & Ken Penders

COLOR DESIGN: Moose Baumann


COLOR EDITOR: Andy Walton (geez, I know Marvel bought Malibu because of their coloring process but did they need that many people to make it work?)

COVER ART: Ken Penders, Leonard Kirk,Terry Pallot, & Renee Pulve

LETTERER: Roxanne Starr

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Clarissa Manansala & Chris Pelton

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

First some history. Mark Lenard is known for playing Vulcan Ambassador Sarek, the father of Spock, which he played in episodes of the original series, the animated series, The Next Generation, and the movies. However, his first role on the show and on television was in the original series episode “Balance Of Terror“, one of the best episodes of TOS in my opinion, which debuted the Romulans. The story, one of two one-shots written or co-written by actual Star Trek performers (the other focused on Nog and was co-written by Aron Eisenberg, which I don’t have), focuses on the son of his character in that story.

Said son is Jannek, now a Romulan ambassador who is attempting to form relations with the Bajorans. He also has interest in one Ensign aboard Deep Space Nine, Jamie Kirk, descendant of…well, it’s kind of obvious, right? She is helping Bashir and Dax study an artifact from the Gamma Quadrant but someone is trying very hard to steal it and killing anyone in their way. The staff soon learns it’s a group of religious extremists, who believe anything that comes from the Gamma Quadrant must be tied to the Prophets, especially since the chalice in question seems to be glowing with power…a power that is less than friendly to the extremists. Jannek joins in a rescue mission to save the trio not because of the usual revenge through offspring but because his father noted in his logs that in another reality he and James Kirk might have been friends, a dream he hopes to bring true by offering Jamie a job as liaison officer with the Federation, which she accepts. As for the chalice, it is actually the last Organian hoping to start a peaceful connection with the Romulans and Federation as his people did with the Federation and Klingons before passing on.

What they got right: I like that Lenard didn’t go with the obvious choice of Sarek but instead tied his story to the role he first appeared in, and he doesn’t attempt to give that character a name. Jannek simply refers to him as “my father”. The story itself is quite good. I didn’t know Lenard was a writer. I can’t find evidence of him writing anything else but he did pass away later in the year this came out so maybe he just didn’t have a chance. It is interesting seeing descendants of former adversaries form a friendship.

What they got wrong: Naming her “Jamie” is a bit on the nose though. While we learn the fate of the Organians I’m not sure the story would have been any different without him. And he couldn’t have known at the time, but unless Sam had kids this can’t be James Kirk’s granddaughter given what we learn about him in Star Trek: Generations and what became of him there. And did Jannek have to be yet another friend of Curzon’s? The dude really got around. By now Jadzia knows half the galaxy via Dax (the symbiote that used to live in Curzon and now lives in Jadzia).

Recommendation: A rather good story from the actor and I wonder if he would have written anything else. It’s worth checking out just for the novelty but you will get a fine read out of it.

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