Special bonus video: what happened to Judy Winslow? This one has a little swearing in it.

Catch more Vee Infuso on his YouTube channel.

I think he’s a bit hard on Steve Urkel. Yeah, the character maybe should have spun off into his own show the way Harriette was from Perfect Strangers but there is a reason fans still love him so much that poor Jaleel White had to go to voice acting for a few years to shake off the typcasting. (In fact I think that’s what the transformation machine was supposed to be, a chance for White to show off his other acting and comedy skills.) As far as the bit of Judy going upstairs and disappearing I thought that was a joke Foxworth made that somehow got mistaken as what actually happened.

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  1. Sean says:

    Wow! I never knew there was a 2nd Harriet Winslow. I watched Family Matters for many years, but I must not have been watching the show during its final season. Yeah, it is tough to all of a sudden part way through a television season to have a totally different actress playing a character. I do remember the two Aunt Vivs from Fresh Prince of Bel Air though. It is amazing how Steve Urkel totally took over Family Matters. Sometimes, unintended trends happen in a television series.

    Yes, I totally forgot how the Judy Winslow character just disappeared without explanation. Maybe I just really didn’t notice because she had less of a role on the show as time went on. It sounds like she went through a rough patch for a time as a young adult. Such a large number of child actors and actresses seem to face difficulties as adults. In fact, I’ve even heard some big name stars directly say that they don’t want their kids acting while still children. There must be reasons for that.


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