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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Special

Malibu Comics Entertainment (August, 1995)

COVER ART: Scott Sava


EDITOR: Mark Panniccia

This special is a collection of five short stories, with mostly different creators. Moose Baumann is the colorist on all but two stories (I’ll point them out) and it’s up to his usual quality. I’ll just rapid fire through the other stories:

“Collision Course”

WRITER: Phil Crain | PENCILER: Rod Whigam | INKER: Scott Reed | LETTERER: Patrick Owsley

Two asteroids smash into each other near the wormhole, but with the Defiant moved to a Starbase for repairs (this is due to Thomas Riker stealing the ship in the episode “Defiant”) the only hope is a near suicidal mission with a set of explosives that one of Quark’s business partners just happens to have. It’s a story that makes good use of the short time and delivers a solid tale.

“Frozen Boyhood”

WRITER: Bruce Costa | PENCILER: Keith Conroy | INKER: Aubrey Bradford | LETTERER: Joe Allen

A starship with a holodeck docks at the station and Sisko and Jake decide to use the opportunity to play a little baseball until an old ship shows up near the station, the crew dead after their cryostasis failed. Jake’s bothered by there not being any other kids to play baseball with and how easy it is to freeze the game when it’s just him. Somehow the solution is to take an old CD player and gimmick it so it can’t be paused. I don’t get it either. Then you have the framing device of an older Jake (the story is a flashback) on a bad date and using the player to drown her out, which seemed wasteful. It feels like an excuse to do another “look how primitive our technology will look in the future” skit and overall I wasn’t impressed.


WRITER/LAYOUTS: Terry Pallot | PENCILER: Rob Davis | INKER: Jack Snider | COLORIST: Mike Hellemann | INTERIOR COLOR: Wolfpack| COLOR EDITOR: Salvador Mancha | LETTERER: Patrick Owsley

To save a little girl’s life requires a drug used by a certain Bajoran sect, but that was lost during the Cardassian raids. Quark manages to find one, but it’s from a Maquis raid on a Cardassian facility and Odo wants it for evidence, though the child may not live long enough to go through the red tape. This one also makes good use of the space and compares the needs of the law to the needs of the girl and the right decision is made. I liked this one.


WRITER: Christopher Peleton | LAYOUT: Moose Baumann | PENCILER: Anne Timmons | INKER: Scott Reed | COLORIST: Ray Brown | INTERIOR COLOR: Wolfpack | COLOR EDITOR: Salvador Mancha

I really don’t understand Malibu’s coloring system. You have a “color designer”, which I’ve been referring to as the colorist, and the “interior color” group, plus a color editor. I know Marvel bought and tore Malibu apart for their coloring but this seems like a lot of effort in the early days of computer coloring. Anyway, the story.

Quark asks Nog to deliver a package to some buyers, but Nog sneaks a peak and learns it’s a compound that can kill off the Cardassians. Nog has to make a moral choice that may prove his worth to Starfleet Academy or benefit his father. This is another character piece but it actually works. At this point Nog wanted to get into the Academy and we see his potential as a member of Starfleet. I really enjoyed this one.

“Dangerous Times”

WRITER: Joe Fielder | PENCILER: Rob Davis | INKER: Bruce McCorkindale | LETTERER: Dave Lanphear

In our final story a group of fanatics try to assassinate Odo since he’s a changeling from the Founders’ race. It’s not that they’re xenophobic so much as they take an extreme view of what’s needed to protect the Federation against the Founders, the Borg, and whomever else challenged the Federation. That’s not a defense. They’re clearly letting their fears rules their judgement and a violation of what the United Federation Of Planets is supposed to be about in the Star Trek universe. It feels like a prelude of a story to come and I see potential there. Also this is the only story that has Sisko with the facial hair he ended up with but I had to check Memory Alpha to make sure he ever had the goatee and a head of hair at the same time.

Overall this is a pretty good collection of short stories. “Frozen Boyhood” is the weakest but at least I see what they were going for and give it credit for that. “Collision Course” is my favorite followed by “Honor”. Fans of the show will get more out of this than the curious but it might make a decent introduction to the show.

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