Just before Starbuck woke up. Probably with a hangover.

Classic Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #1 (Digital Exclusive Edition)

Dynamite Comics (published to comiXology: November, 2013)

WRITER: Tony Lee

ARTIST: Eman Casllos

COLORIST: Davi Correia

COVER ART: Sean Chen


LETTERER: Joshua Cozine

Yahrens ago when Adama was just a captain and Tigh his wingman, Adama’s Viper crashes during a battle with the Cylons. He’s rescued by a young boy, but the smack from the Cylon caused amnesia. Adama names him Starbuck, since wife wanted to call their youngest son Zac instead anyway. Later on a teenage Starbuck tries to get Adama to get him into the Warrior Academy, and he ends up becoming friends with Adama’s eldest son Zac. Yarhens pass and Starbuck is now a full cadet, shadowing a man named Wyvern, who teaches him…everything else that would define Starbuck, but the man is killed on graduation day. Starbuck goes to play a round of Pyramid in his honor and ends up winning a data disk that may prove the defenses that day were lowered but the disk is corrupted and can’t be played. I’m guessing this is the key part in the miniseries.

What they got right: While this may not be canon with the show it totally works following Starbuck’s early years. It explains how Starbuck met Adama and why he thinks of the kid as a son as time goes on, how Starbuck and Apollo became friends, his early meeting with Athena, and later how he became the person he is. It all makes sense and it all works. The art is really good and I like the “past” designs of the Vipers, plus we get to see a younger version of Adama and Tigh.

What they got wrong: I would have liked to have had a scene where Starbuck and his adopted parents reconcile and that while they may not be happy with his wanting to become a Warrior and Viper pilot they still love and support him and are proud of him for pursuing his dream and wanting to protect the colonies. It should also show Starbuck does love his parents and has nothing against being a farmer and still loves his parents for all they did for him, but had a dream elsewhere. It would have been a nice bonding moment but all we see is the fight so it looks like they pretty much abandoned each other. (I don’t remember if he was adopted according to the show or grew up an orphan.)

Recommendation: Based on this first issue this looks like a very good story exploring Starbuck’s history. Fans of the original series may want to check it out.

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