“Okay, who forgot to fill the swimming pool?”

New Avengers #4

Marvel Comics (April, 2005)

“Breakout” part 4

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILER: David Finch

INKER: Danny Miki

COLORIST: Frank D’Armata

LETTERING: Albert Deschesne


ASSISTANT EDITORS: Stephanie Moore, & Molly Lazer


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

The Avengers alert acting SHIELD director Maria Hill that a new Avengers have formed and she’s less than happy about it. Not to mention how they basically strongarm her into accepting their help. Using some…interesting methods to find out who Electro broke out the night before they head to the Savage Land to find Sauron. They oddly land safely though the new Quintjet is still destroyed in a dino attack. As the heroes scatter Spider-Woman finds three rather familiar arm blades against her throat.

What they got right: I do like seeing how the Avengers slowly piece together the reason for Electro’s visit to the Raft. We learn he wanted the money to take his girlfriend away from her dull life as a waitress. Some jokes or attempts at witty banter actually work.

What they got wrong: However, some of them still fall short and make the heroes look silly or like jerks, even Cap, especially in their conversation with acting director Hill (and I swear they reused panels in that scene…even I try to add some variety when I reuse assets in my weekly comic strip I’m not being paid to make and aren’t produced for a big name comic company). Also, one gag involves using donuts to get some bad guys to talk, and if you’re going to name drop Entenmann’s specifically (come on, Jessica, I know they’re good but at least use something like Dunkin’ Donuts or something else made fresh instead of store bought stuff) why would you not go for the obvious reference and use Twinkees or Hostess Fruit Pies. It’s a gag waiting to be done and you blew it. I’ve referenced that in Captain PSA and he was never used to shill the snack cakes. And we still have potty mouth Luke Cage, with Spider-Woman getting one in herself and it feels more out of character for her. Finally, does Tony EVER take off the armor in this series?

Recommendation: While there are some good parts overall the characters are not the most accurate, but it is the best issue of this series thus far. Granted that’s not saying much. Again, Bendis is a good writer but he doesn’t care about getting their voices right. If that doesn’t bother you, enjoy. If it does maybe don’t pick this one up.

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